Tuscarora Railroad

The Tuscarora Railroad is a 1:20.3 garden railroad located in suburban Denver, Colorado. The railroad is based on the East Broad Top RR which still operates today as a tourist line in Orbisonia, PA (south-central PA). Be sure to check out Garden Railway Basics , Kevin's book on building and maintaining garden railroads for information on how the TRR was built.

Location: Denver, CO

Friday, August 21, 2009

In the Beginning

Welcome to the Tuscarora Railroad. What you are about to read are the random musings of the Superintendent of the TRR, a small narrow gauge railroad operating in south-central Pennsylvania. You have become--by your presence here--the proverbial fly on the wall. You will be privy to an informal commentary on the "behind the scenes" aspects of the TRR. You'll learn the thought processes that underly the various projects the railroad takes on, maybe a bit of history, not only of the TRR, but of the East Broad Top and Tuscarora Valley railroads (with which the TRR connects), and hopefully take away a nugget or two that you can use for your own railroads.